Authorizing hostnames to handle e-mail


A hostname, combination of optional subdomain and mandatory domain, may be configured to act as an e-mail domain, ie. receive e-mails on that host. These hostnames are added via MailMail Routing. For any domain present there, the server will act as the final destination bypassing MX lookups. This will result in problems if you use third-party MX records.

The following is a brief list of composite examples:

E-mail addresses for user myuser
Subdomain Domain Hostname Valid e-mail Notes
foo “foo” Invalid, non-FQDN E-mail delivers to same inbox unless namespaced

Once a hostname is authorized through Mail Routing, corresponding DNS entries are created and will be active so long as you use our hosting nameservers.

Third-party nameserver DNS

If you use third-party nameservers – nameservers other than ours – use the following DNS template to properly route mail once a hostname is added in Mail Routing:

<hostname>      IN MX 10 mail.<hostname>
mail.<hostname> IN A  <IP address>

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